About Glacia



At Glacia, we do not believe that women should have to slow down their busy lives because of the onset of a sudden hot flush caused by the natural process of menopause. That’s why we have created our Cooling Relief Formula, which helps to naturally sooth and relieve hot flushes without the use of harsh chemicals. Each cool wipe application lasts from 15 minutes to as long as 1 hour and gives you that incomparable sense of relief just when you need it most – whether it is in a business meeting, social occasion, or just generally helping you to beat a busy day. 

Our Product:

Through our 3 main principles our product aims to help women to live healthier and happier lives without the hindrance of menopausal symptoms:

  1.    It should contain natural active ingredients
  2.    It should be easy to use and apply – perfect for any situation
  3.    The formula and ingredients should be backed by scientific evidence and testing to help in the relief of hot flushes.

We believe that products intended to maximise a women’s health and wellbeing, should be made from pure and effective ingredients. So say goodbye to the side effects caused by other menopause related medication and embrace Glacia Cooling Wipes – helping you to live the life you deserve. 

Our Symbol: 

Glacia began with the belief that natural bodily process should be treated with a natural means. Our Triple Goddess Symbol represents the 3 stages of a women's life all to be celebrated and nurtured during  her life journey–where menopause is not simply the end of a women’s childbearing years, but a period which highlights growing knowledge, wisdom and power. We aim to facilitate the transition between these stages of our life, and to ensure that women emerge feeling empowered, balanced and healthy.

It is our priority at Glacia to restore the feeling of comfort and health to women so they are relaxed during the sometimes distressing transition of menopause. Glacia Cooling Relief is an effective treatment for hot flushes that allows women to be free and to focus on their lives.