"I am concerned that my make up will be removed even if I apply Glacia cooling Relief carefully just below my hairline"

-Glacia cooling Relief can also be applied across the back of the neck to stimulate a cooling sensation. This avoids the removal of any make up. The formulation can also be used on the temples.


"Why does Glacia Cooling Relief feel more intensely cooling after some applications compared to others?"

- The strength of the cooling sensation is moderated by the amount of oil on your skin. Therefore during warmer weather or if your skin is oily the cooling formulation may feel less intense. Apply more formulation by wiping twice across the top of the forehead just below the hairline. If you have dry or sensitive skin apply less Glacia Cooling relief.


"I have very intense hot flushes and need immediate and stronger relief"

-For a stronger cooling effect the Glacia Cooling Relief sachets may be stored in the fridge or freezer and used while they are cold.


"Why should the wipe remain folded?"

-If the wipe remains folded the formulation can be easily applied to the area just below the hairline or the back of the neck. The folded wipe can be replaced into the foil lined sachet and reused. The folded wipe allows the formulation to be applied to the area and kept away from the eyes.


"Can I reuse the wipe?"

-The folded wipe can be replaced after use in the foil lined sachet. This may be reused. 



In a trial women suffering from hot flushes recorded the following comments about Glacia Cooling Relief:

"The cooling is instantaneous and a great relief."
 "I love them and am able to reuse the cooling wipe." 

"I suffer from horrific, hot flushes, around 20 per day, and I absolutely feel a sense of relief and cooling after using Glacia Cooling Relief"
"I've been using Glacia Cooling Relief wipes for the last couple of weeks and there has been some immediate relief for me"